Towards Environmental Sustainability


Leading the way to 2030

The European food and drink industry is a responsible, constructive leader in addressing the economic, social and environmental pillars of sustainability with a life-cycle approach.

The European food and drink industry is a leader in the global transition towards a green economy through our commitment to use low-carbon and resource efficient solutions as well as to promote sustainable patterns of production and consumption in partnership with stakeholders.

The food industry aims to decouple growth from adverse environmental impacts and resource use without compromising on food safety, quality, nutrition or health, whilst at the same time satisfying consumer demand.

In the area of sustainable sourcing, FoodDrinkEurope’s members:

  • Embed and promote sustainable sourcing in the supply chain and strive for a common understanding of the term with food chain partners and other stakeholders.
  • Make a positive contribution to food security and environmental sustainability both within and beyond Europe.
  • Identify and tackle environmental hotspots through continuous interaction and long-term contractual relationships with suppliers.

In the area of resource efficiency, FoodDrinkEurope’s members:

  • Promote life-cycle thinking in how they do business as food and drink manufacturers, and look beyond operations to improve resource efficiency along the food chain.
  • Achieve more sustainable production methods using technological breakthroughs, increased R&D and innovation.
  • Reduce waste and use natural resources more efficiently, not only as food producers but also as responsible and innovative managers of inputs for other industries.

In the area of sustainable consumption, FoodDrinkEurope’s members:

  • Enhance interaction with all stakeholders through new communication technologies, tools and channels.
  • As a result, consumers are more environmentally aware and consider how food fits in with their values (e.g. health, sustainability, budget, lifestyle and social concerns) in a more holistic way.
  • Ensure environmental sustainability considerations and life-cycle thinking are embedded in food and drink product designs.

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