Towards Environmental Sustainability


To address the big challenges of securing smart, green growth on the path towards a greener economy both in Europe and globally, further efforts are needed to decouple economic growth from resource use and adverse impacts on the environment.

Europe’s food industry must ensure, that as it addresses these challenges, it does not compromise food safety, quality, nutrition and health, while at the same time, satisfying consumer demand.

To meet these objectives, FoodDrinkEurope’s Environmental Sustainability Vision for 2030 includes a set of key actions detailing commitments across three core areas:

1. Sustainable sourcing;
2. Resource efficiency; and
3. Sustainable consumption and production.

This report contains a host of examples from industry players - large and small - which illustrate how Europe’s food and drink industry is addressing environmental sustainability. FoodDrinkEurope members have highlighted key achievements on which the industry can continue to build its efforts, in a number of priority areas.

Case studies and examples in each chapter demonstrate how food and drink companies of all sizes and individual sectors are striving to improve their environmental performance regardless of the multitude of different raw materials, products, processes, activities and local economic and environmental conditions that they face.

The Report

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